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Charting a Path to Wellness

MyDelica offers a personalized progress tracker and evidence-based advice service for educating and safeguarding psychedelic journeys.

Safeguarding psychedelic journeys

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  • Backed by Science

    MyDelica uses scientific evidence and expertise to advise on best practice for psychedelic journeying

  • Psychological Profiles

    MyDelica is a digital health application that charts your psychological profile and its dynamics across time

  • Safe Psychedelic Journeying

    Informed by scientific research, MyDelica helps guide safe psychedelic journeying

Personalized evidence-based service


Guidance on how to safely and effectively plan, execute and integrate a journey


To chart your psychological profile and mental health and advise you on next steps


Advice on how to integrate your psychedelic experience into everyday life and make healthy lifestyle changes that can serve your long-term wellbeing


Inspired by world-leading research At Imperial College London's Centre for Psychedelic Research

Inspired by world-leading research At Imperial College London's Centre for Psychedelic Research

Robin’s interest in the mind led to a degree in psychology and a masters in psychoanalysis where discovery of Stan Grof’s ‘Realms of the Unconsciousness’ shone a fresh light on some earlier psychedelic experiences. He realized then the potential of psychedelics to advance our understanding of the mind – inspiring a lifelong commitment to their study. In 2009, Robin began researching psychedelics under Professor David Nutt’s mentorship at The University of Bristol. He pioneered research into the brain effects of many of the most popular psychedelics and led clinical trials exploring their far-reaching potential in the treatment of depression. In 2019, he founded the world’s first Centre for Psychedelic Research at Imperial College London and is widely regarded as a world leader in psychedelic science and medicine.


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